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What is a Macaron?
What isn’t a macaron? It’s a cookie, a cake, meringue, stuffed confection, and a flavor explosion in a small bite.
Two flavored semi soft meringue shells envelop whipped fillings. At Soft Peaks Confections, we feel macaron should be both elegant
and playful, combining classic and modern flavors and techniques. Our macarons contain no food coloring, preserving their natural
hues and flavors.

Apple Pie
cinnamon shells with apple pie filling
Passionate Coconut
coconut shells with passion fruit filling
Chocolate Overload
chocolate shells with chocolate filling

Bacon Banana

caramelized bacon shell
with roasted bananas filling
Salted Caramel
coffee shells with salted caramel filling
coffee shells with chocolate filling
Sweet Pistachio
pistachio shells with raspberry filling
Tropical Bite
lemon shells with acai filling



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